Become An Aerolatino® Instructor!

Aerolatino® is an exciting international dance fitness workout with Latin American rhythms and dance styles like the Salsa, Merengue, Bachatango, Cha-cha-cha, Reggaeton and more. It’s a low impact workout, easy to follow, energetic and fun!

Become a Fitness Instructor with Aerolatino®!

Join the latest Latin America Dance Workout!


All you have to do is complete our Instructor 6 hours Training and Assessment

You will get FREE 1 YEAR Licence to Teach Aerolatino® Classes, after the first year you will need purchase a license. As an Aerolatino® Fitness UK licensee, you will have access to training support videos and the choreography that you will need to run a successful class AND we will be running extra workshops to keep you updated.

Continue your CPD education! Join the Aerolatino® Fitness Workshop!

Be part of the latest Latin America Dance Workout!



What You Get:
1. 1 year Aerolatino® FREE licence.
2. Your first MP3 with a 1 hour Music Mix.
3. Support after the Aerolatino® Workshop – Aerolatino® Masterclasses and Videos.

Our vision and mission – To be the “Home Of Happy Fitness” making fitness fun by educating the body and mind in a creative, positive and an enjoyable way through the power of Latin dance.
Our aims and objectives – Providing training and education that enables our customers to understand the mission, values, principles and the choreography of Aerolatino® and to run Aerolatino® lessons.




Become an Aerolatino® Fitness Instructor!

To become a part of the Aerolatino® Fitness UK family you will need to:-

  1. Provide evidence of your technical and occupational competency
  1. Complete our Instructor (6 Hours) Workshop (Online Via Zoom )
  • All workshops will be conducted by Aerolatino® founder and Creator  Jeff Davila.
  • Successful completion of the workshop and assessment will receive your Aerolatino Certificate via email
  1. Purchase an Aerolatino® Instructor Membership
  • Monthly membership fee is applicable.
  • As a Member you will have access to new choreography and associated music every 2 months which will enable you to run successful programs.
  • Aerolatino Licencethe Aerolatino licence Is very Simple I offered a monthly join back fee to the Qualified instructors of £5.  To keep the instructors Updated on Choreographies ,music and program.At the moment 2 instructors got the Deal and they are training to do Rumbalatina,I provided the Choreography videos and Music.The monthly price will change when instructors start running their own classes.From that will beRunning 1 class =£10Running more than 2 classes will be = £20 Pm The 3 programmes I now offer are Aerolatino, Rumba Latina and Aerolatini. For now the monthly Aerolatino licence fee covers all 3 programmes. 

The learners will

  • Receive 6 hours of training with the Aerolatino® founder and Creator  Jeff Davila enabling you to:
    • Understand the vision, values and principles of Aerolatino®
    • Recognise, understand the different rhythms and dance steps of Latin American Music.
    • Combine different Latin styles and rhythms in blocks of 32 counts to form a continuous Aerolatino® dance routine.
    • Use asymmetric movements to change direction across the room in diagonal, forwards, back and sideward lines.
    • Categorise Aerolatino® movements with hints, tips to help your customers remember and identify move sequences.
  • Receive verbal feedback on your skills and knowledge in relation to the training programme, and assessment criteria.
  • Opportunities to ensure that the training programme is tailored to your individual learning and physical needs.
  • Opportunities to provide feedback in respect of the training programme completed.
  • Receive detailed and timely information in relation to the aims, outcomes, content, assessment, resources and timetable of the training.
  • Receive a Learner’s Resource Pack to augment the training event and contribute to your knowledge and skills.
  • Take part in endorsed CPD training that is designed to contribute to your professional development.
  • Obtaining an Aerolatino® Instructor certificate of completion.

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Aerolatino® Fitness Workshop – Be part of the latest Latin America Dance Workout!

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Benefits: Become a Fitness Instructor with Aerolatino®!

  • Additional income option

  • Developing your understanding and learning skills about Latin rhythms and dance

  • Earn more REPS points

    Upon completion of the workshop and Assessment you will be awarded with REPs CPD points.

Additional Benefits

  • Interactive & Enjoyable

    Aerolatino® is interactive, social, fun and brings you international energetic music.

  • Memory Improvement

    Aerolatino® will help improve your memory by using techniques and mnemonic tools to assist you in remembering the choreography.

  • Improved Technique

    Aerolatino® choreography is designed to teach you to exercise safely and to understand individual and authentic dance styles.

  • Improves Cardio Fitness

    Aerolatino® combines dance routines with cardio fitness, working the best of your abs, core and legs and giving you a full body workout.

  • Improves Mood & Motivation

    Aerolatino® allows you to focus on your body as well as working on rhythms and muscles, fun, music and laughter.

    Physical activity stimulates central nervous system and certain glands releasing endorphins that leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.

  • CIMSPA-Employer-Partner