Become An Aerolatino® Instructor! –
Sunday 11th September 2016 at David Lloyd Club, Raynes Park.

Aerolatino® is an exciting international dance fitness workout with Latin American rhythms and dance styles like the Salsa, Merengue, Bachatango, Cha-cha-cha, Reggaeton and more. It’s a low impact workout, easy to follow, energetic and fun!

Become a Fitness Instructor with Aerolatino®!

Join the latest Latin America Dance Workout!

All you have to do is to complete our Instructor 1 Day Training & Assessment, and purchase a license. As an Aerolatino® Fitness UK licensee, you will have access to the information and the choreography you will need to run a successful programme AND we will be running extra workshops to keep you updated.

Continue your CPD education! Join the Aerolatino® Fitness Workshop on Sunday 11th September 2016 at David Lloyd Club, Raynes Park.

Be part of the latest Latin America Dance Workout!

EARLY BIRD £150.00 Payment before 5th August 2016.

What You Get:
1. 1 year Aerolatino® FREE licence.
2. Your first MP3 with a 1 hour Music Mix.
3. Support after the Aerolatino® workshop – Aerolatino® Masterclasses & videos.

Our vision and mission – To be the “Home Of Happy Fitness” making fitness fun by educating the body and mind in a creative, positive and an enjoyable way through the power of Latin dance.
Our aims and objectives – Providing training and education that enables our customers to understand the mission, values, principles and the choreography of Aerolatino® and to run Aerolatino® lessons.


After qualifying as an Aerolatino® Instructor you can claim 6 REPs CPD points.

Contact us for more information … or call 07766 243669

Aerolatino Fitness Workshop – Be part of the latest Latin America Dance Workout!

Become a fitness instructor with Aerolatino®!

Become a Fitness Instructor with Aerolatino®

To become a part of the Aerolatino® Fitness UK family you will need to:-

  1. Provide evidence of your technical and occupational competency
  1. Complete our Instructor 1 Day Training Workshop and pass the post course assessment
  • All workshops will be conducted by an Aerolatino® tutor/assessor along with our founder Jeff Davila.
  • Upon completion of the workshop and Assessment you will be awarded with REPs CPD points.
  1. Purchase an Aerolatino® Instructor Membership
  • Monthly membership fee is applicable.
  • As a Member you will have access to new choreography and associated music every 2 months which will enable you to run successful programs.

The learners will

  • Receive 6 hours of training with an Aerolatino® tutor along with the founder Jeff Davila enabling you to:
    • Understand the vision, values and principles of Aerolatino®
    • Recognise, understand the different rhythms and dance steps of Latin American Music.
    • Combine different Latin styles and rhythms in blocks of 32 counts to form a continuous Aerolatino® dance routine.
    • Use asymmetric movements to change direction across the room in diagonal, forwards, back and sideward lines.
    • Categorise Aerolatino® movements with hints, tips to help your customers remember and identify move sequences.
  • Receive verbal feedback on your skills and knowledge in relation to the training programme, and assessment criteria.
  • Opportunities to ensure that the training programme is tailored to your individual learning and physical needs.
  • Opportunities to provide feedback in respect of the training programme completed.
  • Receive detailed and timely information in relation to the aims, outcomes, content, assessment, resources and timetable of the training.
  • Receive a Learner’s Resource Pack to augment the training event and contribute to your knowledge and skills.
  • Take part in SkillsActive endorsed CPD training that is designed to contribute to your professional development.
  • Obtaining an Aerolatino® Instructor certificate of completion.
Aerolatino Fitness workshop

If you would like to know more about becoming an Aerolatino® Fitness Instructor Call 07766 243669

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